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Adventures in Montreal for the Holidays

“Home” for me right now is kind of undetermined, but for the holidays, home = Montreal. Which is okay by me because it’s beautiful. I went exploring today with a friend, largely in search of more wine and food that neither of us needed. 

We started out grabbing bagels at a well known boulangerie. 

Look at all the flour in the front!

It’s a Sunday, which means they make bagels in mass quantity and the traffic doesn’t stop all day.

When I came here for Thanksgiving, it was the middle of a Tuesday with no other customers in sight. They literally placed the dough in the fire right in front of me, and handed me these steaming hot Montreal bagels that were so good they melted in my mouth. I think I managed to eat two before I walked halfway down the block.

We picked up a few all dressed, and a few apple cinnamon for good measure. Then we headed off to the Atwater market. Look at these staircases on all of the apartments/houses. Don’t they just give you anxiety? I can only imagine how slippy these get in the dead of a Quebec winter. Gorgeous, nonetheless. 

I adore the markets in Montreal. There is absolutely nothing like going to a bustling, energetic market where you can get the freshest ingredients from people who truly care about food. Heres are some of the goodies we saw:

Chocolate croissants. Just about the last thing I need right now; but they looked goooood.

Look at the cute ladybugs on these. *Such a girl*

Bread. Of course. What could be better?

Unless of course we’re talking about cheese. Close tie. We picked up some dauphin here; a double cream cheese similar in texture to brie. And it. Was. Fabulous.

Very festive.

Now for the gorgeous selection of fruits and veggies. I’m about to bombard you with the pictures we took there; but look how beautiful they are.

How amazing are these berries? I couldn’t stop with the pictures.

Here was when my physics nerd friend pointed at this guy and yelled “LOOK! A VEGETABLE THAT IS A FRACTAL!”

We bought some of the berries, and headed back to the boulangerie to grab a baguette for lunch.


Back home for a simple, but unbeatable lunch of cheese, fruit, and baguette. Could life be any better? Happy Holidays 🙂



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Souffled Omelette: the only way to go. Stuffed with mushrooms and chevre.


Once you’ve had a souffled omelette, there’s no going back. It’s a completely different experience, and really doesn’t require a whole lot more work. Light and airy, but still moist inside? Yum.

Let’s get started!

Smash up a clove of garlic. Here’s me: mid smash! Chop it finely, and also chop 1/4th of an onion. 


Now dice up some mushrooms. Whatever you have on hand will be delicious. Use as many as you want! Important to remember with mushrooms; they shrink drastically when they cook. So, begin with more than you think you’ll want. 

Ok, so saute up the mushrooms in butter or olive oil: your choice. I happen to be a sucker for the smell of mushrooms in butter so that’s my go-to. I added in the onions with the mushrooms, and let them hang out on medium-low until brown and yummy. Once they start taking on that brown color, make sure to season them. I added in a couple pinches of salt, and a few grinds pepper. There’s no reason why you can’t add in other things at this point too. Thyme? Chili flakes for a bit of heat? Oregano? 

When the mushrooms look fabulous, add in the diced clove of garlic. Let that get fragrant for about a minute, and then take the whole mess off the heat and scrape it into a bowl or on a plate to set aside temporarily. 

Ok. Separate four eggs. Now, whip the yolks until thick and creamy/frothy. Here they are still too watery. You’ll know when they’re done because they’ll be slightly paler than what you began with, and they’ll coat a spatula. Now, season with a couple pinches salt and a few grinds of pepper. Set aside.


Whip the four whites until stiff peaks. You know they’re stiff when they don’t drip off a spatula. See?


….I have no idea why I have a claw hand here. Ignore.

Ok. Now fold the two together. Please please don’t just stir them in to combine; then you lose all that wonderful lightness that we’re trying to achieve. 


Ok! Now, put a skillet over medium/low heat. Let it heat a bit; then toss in a tablespoon of butter or so. (Or just use some non-stick spray stuff. Whatever. The key is to make sure ALL sides are coated with it or it’ll be tricky to get the omelette out). **I should also add, I find that it’s very important to have a *clean* skillet. Usually I’m inclined to use whatever skillet I had on hand before; in this case, the one I used for the mushrooms. However, omelettes are finicky creatures and I’ve had much better results when the skillet is spotless. 

Now put the omelette in!


Ok. Give the omelette a little bit of time to hang out in there. Wait until the bottom sets up a tad, and once it does, run your spatula under it to make sure nothing is sticking. Then, add back in the mushrooms + onions. Sprinkle on as much chevre as you want. I love lots. (Remember; you can use whatever cheese you like here. Anything that’s oozy or melty will be fabulous)

Geez. I’m a messy cook. Don’t mind the stray mushrooms here and there.


Perfect! Ok so the top is still going to appear a little spongey. This is key to a great omelette. If you wait for the egg to be completely dry throughout, then you’ll have a very dry omelette. Remember that egg continues to cook once you take it off the heat, much like other protein (i.e. steak).

Taking it out of the pan requires a bit of maneuvering, but rememeber that if it breaks a bit it’ll still taste fantastic. And who cares, really? 😉


Souffled Omelette with Chevre and Mushrooms

  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1/4th of an onion
  • mushrooms of any variety, and as many as you’d like. (remember: they shrink!)
  • butter
  • 4 eggs, separated
  • chevre
  1. Dice up your clove of garlic and finely chop the onion. Slice your mushrooms roughly; but don’t worry if they don’t look perfect. Just make sure they’re all approximately the same size. 
  2. Put a bit of butter into your skillet (heat over medium). When it’s melty and you can smell it, toss in the mushrooms and onion. Wait until the mushrooms are gorgeous and brown, then toss in your diced clove of garlic for about a minute or until it’s really fragrant. Season to taste with salt and pepper; then, take it all off the heat and put it to the side on a plate etc.
  3. Now, whip your four egg whites (I used a stand mixer, but you can use a hand mixer or just do it with a little elbow grease). Whip until they reach stiff peaks, set to the side.
  4. Whip the egg yolks with a pinch of salt and pepper until they are very creamy and frothy looking. Now, stir in a spoonful of the egg whites to lighten up the mixture, and then fold in the remaining whites until the yolks + whites are incorporated. 
  5. With a skillet on medium-low, add in a tablespoon or so of butter. (Or use a non-stick spray. Just make sure it’s thoroughly coated). Pour in your egg mixture and lightly smooth the top. Now, let it hang out in there until the bottom starts setting up slightly.
  6. When the bottom starts looking light brown (keep peaking by lifting up the edges with a spatula) pour your mushroom mixture right onto the top. Add on as much chevre as you want! I used lots; it really adds an awesome tang to the omelette. 
  7. Carefully try to shimmy the omelette out of the pan; don’t get discouraged if this gets a little mess. It takes practice. When it’s about halfway onto the plate, simply fold the other half onto itself to create that half-moon omelette shape!
  8. Enjoy with a fresh baguette 😉

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