Let’s Talk about Custard.

The frozen variety. Because it’s too damn hot to eat any other kind right now. 

In fact it’s too hot to type so I’ll just get to the goods.

Check it out. Rocky road frozen custard. My understanding is, the main difference between custard and ice cream is that custard has more eggs. Which makes it richer, creamier, and just plain awesome.

Doesn’t he look goooooooodddd?

And *this*, my friends, is what he looked like just prior to his death. This is him on death row. 





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11 responses to “Let’s Talk about Custard.

  1. Kate

    Not to be a horrible creeper, but I stumbled upon your blog via foodgawker and one of my two regrets from my trip to Belize is not asking what seasonings are in the beans and rice– if you know, could you share? I have been trying to recreate the delicious chicken/beans/rice combos we had all over Belize and have made some pretty tasty failures, but that’s about it.

    • Hey Kate 🙂 That’s funny that you mention it; I was just going to try to make a stew chicken + rice and beans meal myself soon! I actually don’t know what goes into the rice and beans yet, however I talked to a local restauranteur here a few nights ago and he said I was welcome to come check out the kitchen + watch the process of authentic Belizean food 🙂 When I find out, I’ll absolutely do a blog post on it!

  2. that looks rediculously delicious, i would so love that right now!

  3. That looks good and chocolaty!

  4. oh wow…love the pics…yum!!


  5. Your photos are killing me. I wish you knew their recipe. I will have to try to make something similar. YUM!

  6. sup wat is ur facebook site

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