Adventures in Montreal for the Holidays

“Home” for me right now is kind of undetermined, but for the holidays, home = Montreal. Which is okay by me because it’s beautiful. I went exploring today with a friend, largely in search of more wine and food that neither of us needed. 

We started out grabbing bagels at a well known boulangerie. 

Look at all the flour in the front!

It’s a Sunday, which means they make bagels in mass quantity and the traffic doesn’t stop all day.

When I came here for Thanksgiving, it was the middle of a Tuesday with no other customers in sight. They literally placed the dough in the fire right in front of me, and handed me these steaming hot Montreal bagels that were so good they melted in my mouth. I think I managed to eat two before I walked halfway down the block.

We picked up a few all dressed, and a few apple cinnamon for good measure. Then we headed off to the Atwater market. Look at these staircases on all of the apartments/houses. Don’t they just give you anxiety? I can only imagine how slippy these get in the dead of a Quebec winter. Gorgeous, nonetheless. 

I adore the markets in Montreal. There is absolutely nothing like going to a bustling, energetic market where you can get the freshest ingredients from people who truly care about food. Heres are some of the goodies we saw:

Chocolate croissants. Just about the last thing I need right now; but they looked goooood.

Look at the cute ladybugs on these. *Such a girl*

Bread. Of course. What could be better?

Unless of course we’re talking about cheese. Close tie. We picked up some dauphin here; a double cream cheese similar in texture to brie. And it. Was. Fabulous.

Very festive.

Now for the gorgeous selection of fruits and veggies. I’m about to bombard you with the pictures we took there; but look how beautiful they are.

How amazing are these berries? I couldn’t stop with the pictures.

Here was when my physics nerd friend pointed at this guy and yelled “LOOK! A VEGETABLE THAT IS A FRACTAL!”

We bought some of the berries, and headed back to the boulangerie to grab a baguette for lunch.


Back home for a simple, but unbeatable lunch of cheese, fruit, and baguette. Could life be any better? Happy Holidays 🙂



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4 responses to “Adventures in Montreal for the Holidays

  1. Chels

    I just stumbled across your site and it’s awesome! Looking forward to reading it in the future!

  2. mora

    thank you for doing a wonderfull blog on montreal its my home town and i love it here
    glad you had a great time this winter

    the atwater market is a great place to buy fresh local food in the spring and summer too

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