Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup

I started running when I was about 14, and I never really stopped. Usually I use the time to work through problems, pretend the pavement is the face of someone I dislike, or rationalize the 14 cookies I ate earlier in the day. Then December rolls around, and the only thing that can get my ass moving in the cold is a) keeping warm while outdoors and b) running home to something delicious on the stove. This roasted tomato soup definitely measures up. My only regret here is that it didn’t get a gorgeous deep red color, but I assure you it still tasted fantastic. Roasting the tomatoes is a great idea in the winter months when tomatoes aren’t as fresh; it helps bring out that sweet, acidic flavor.

Start with an assortment of tomatoes.

How pretty are those? Ok. Onions.

Garlic! Obviously. I always panic when I only have 3 bulbs of garlic left in my pantry and immediately stock up Y2K style. God forbid if one of my meals didn’t include at least 2 cloves.

Chop your tomatoes, removing the yucky core.

Slice your onions, but don’t get fancy; we’re pureeing it. 

Separate some cloves from the bulb, but don’t remove the skins. I do this because I’m very paranoid about burning my garlic in the oven; when we remove the veggies you’ll be able to just squeeze the garlic right out of the skin. It’ll be roasted, sweet, and delish.

Now, put all three into a baking tray (or two). Here are mine; on death row.

Drizzle olive oil over everybody, making sure everything is coated. Season with salt and pepper. Toss.

Oven time! When they’re done, pop them into a medium to large sized saucepan. I know I know, it isn’t the prettiest. Be patient.

Time to grab some good quality chicken stock (or homemade, if you’re extra awesome.) I am lacking in awesomeness lately and therefore used the boxed variety; however I think using organic and low sodium redeems me a little.

In he goes! ACTION SHOT.

Then I added in some white wine for no other reason than: how can anything taste worse with wine in it? Answer: it can’t.

Couple of bay leaves. Look how rustic they look. I love them.

And a bit of butter.

Let that simmer for a while to let the ingredients become friends. Then, when it’s ready to be pureed, remember to take your bay leaves out first!

Pureeing time! Weeeeee

At this point I had to taste and adjust a lot. I added in sugar, salt, and more pepper. If you find your soup is a tad acidic, the sugar helps combat that. Just keep tasting and try to get another opinion if you can. 

Perfect. Ready for my mouth. Put it in a bowl first, though, if you want to keep it classy. There’s a bit of fresh basil in there and a drizzle of heavy cream. But the best part? Dunking the baguette in it.

Recipe courtesy of Tyler Florence. Thanks handsome.


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