Homemade Eggnog!

This. stuff. is. HEAVEN. My Dad made homemade eggnog for us every Christmas when I was growing up, and as far as I could tell he did it off the top of his head. I’ve been looking for a recipe that resembles his and the closest I came was with Alton Brown’s. I realize that the idea of an egg-drink doesn’t sound too appealing, but please try it. It’s utterly delicious, rich, creamy, and epitomizes the holiday season ūüėČ I’ll completely admit: when people claim they hate eggnog, I’m that annoying person who pipes up with “have you tried homemade eggnog?” But they are *really* different animals. Give it a shot, even if you hate the¬†store-bought¬†variety.¬†

Start with four eggs

You’re going to need both heavy cream and whole milk. Just focus on the amount of calcium you’ll be getting and forget about the fat + calories ūüėČ

Ok now separate your four eggs, putting the whites into a mixer or bowl large enough that you can use a hand mixer.

Add in a touch of sugar to your whites to help with the whipping process. When the whites hold stiff peaks you’re good to go.

Now, remove the whites into a bowl or something and set aside for a moment. Add the yolks into the mixing bowl now (it’s ok if there’s still some¬†residual¬†whites hanging out in there)

Now, add in 1/3rd cup of sugar and whip the yolk + the sugar until it’s light and fluffy.¬†

Once those are whipped together, then add in your cream and milk and just whip until it’s all incorporated.

Now add in some freshly grated nutmeg (here’s me with my nutmeg grinder)

Now, add in the egg whites you put to the side and whisk to incorporate.

Here I added in a touch of vanilla; this wasn’t part of the original recipe but I love vanilla.

Ok! Give it one last whisk for good measure, and pour it into a clear serving guy. (I like clear; you can see the teensy bit of layering in the drink and the pretty flecks of nutmeg)

Mmmmmm now for MY TURN TO TRY IT. So exciting

The only changes I made to the original recipe were: I added in vanilla and I don’t like booze in my eggnog. Don’t ask me why because I love booze in general. But, for some reason with this drink I feel like it hides the eggy-milkshakey-deliciousness.¬†

Recipe Here!


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