*Enter stage left*

You’ll have to pardon me as I rant a little regarding my reasons for beginning this blog. As I understand it though, the purpose of beginning a blog is to write down your every insipid, unimaginative thought and assume that someone, somewhere cares about what you think. So you’ll have to tolerate me, I suppose 😉

In short, I’m frustrated with the food culture of today. This is an appropriately vast statement because really, there are few redeeming qualities in North America regarding food consumption. Everything from fast food to fad diets, to misinformation surrounding how terrible fat is for you, or that carbohydrates can only be consumed every other Tuesday to avoid weight gain. No one walks anywhere. People eat things I don’t even want to know how to pronounce out of packages from god knows where. Parents label food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and children grow up thinking that some food is always off limits, inducing binges of said vilified food. Ultimately, I’m tired of food being portrayed as an enemy, constantly battling your desires to look sexy on the beach.

People have forgotten how incredible the entire food process is. And I don’t just mean the moment where you fork your dinner into your mouth. I mean, beginning when you walk in the door and you can smell an amazing aroma wafting from your oven. I mean when your family or significant other lingers in the kitchen because it’s warm and full of life, as opposed to sterile and unused. It’s when you open a bottle of wine to cook with and pour a glass for you and a friend to enjoy while laughing about your day. When you dip a spoon into a pot and ask someone else to taste it for you, and seeing their eyes light up when they do. Food is intimate, and sensual and is meant for us to enjoy it.

Part of this is a result of our go-go-go pace of society. Everything is faster, everyone is entitled. No one stops to relax anymore; and everyone defines themselves by their work. I can’t tell you how tired I am of dating men who begin their day at 7am and end it at 8pm, enduring a job they hate only to come home exhausted and irritable. When did this become the norm? And why is it okay?

It’s the little things that I take the most pleasure from, in my life. Cutting into a fresh orange. Cuddling on the couch with a glass of wine. The smell of onions in garlic sautéing in butter. A fresh piece of bread hot from the oven, dunked in fruity olive oil. That moment of anticipation right before you kiss someone for the first time, when you’ve been thinking about it all night. These are the little things that make me want to shake people, exclaiming “STOP! Look at what you’re missing.” Am I the only person who thinks life is too short for bad food, bad sex, and bad movies? (I should note here that I’ve been known to walk out on all three)

There you have it. My greatly summarized disdain for current food attitudes mingled with my slightly inappropriate humor; that will largely be the gist of this blog. I focus mainly on very fresh ingredients, and I truly enjoy the entire process of selecting and planning my meals. If there is a local farmer’s market nearby, I can assure you I’ll be one of their most frequent customers. I believe very strongly in moderation applied to everything, but for the most part I avoid canned or otherwise packaged foods (with some notable exceptions). I don’t buy things with weird chemicals; first as a matter of principle and now because I can taste them. Eating healthily is so important for so many reasons, but in order to truly eat healthily you need to adopt a healthy attitude towards food itself. It’s simply not enough to eat three square meals a day punctuated by two snacks that adhere directly to the food pyramid. Understanding food, and yourself in relation to it, are key to living a healthy overall lifestyle. I hope to share with you how exactly I began doing that, and the things I do everyday to ensure I’m living, and eating, to my happiest potential. So please; grab a glass of wine. Curl up.




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2 responses to “*Enter stage left*

  1. Can I join in your frustration? Here’s to meals and memories rather than tabulations of saturated fat and starchy carbs.


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